Meet Our Ministry Team

Our church is led by a team of committed people – members and volunteers that make New Creation Church the warm and welcoming place it is. While we cannot feature everyone here, below are members of our ministry team.
Senior Pastor 
Moses’ gift of teaching has helped many to discover and express their new creation life in Christ. For two decades, he has taught God’s Word with simplicity, grace and power.
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Associate Pastor and Music Arts Director
Harry’s passion is to help others discover and express the power of God through a vibrant relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  He champions New Testament realities with one message, “Jesus is everything.”
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Director, Ministry Operations
Jennifer is passionate about seeing people experience God’s Word in a real way.  Her wisdom and practical application of God’s Word is a blessing to the body of Christ.
Ministry Lead – Prayer
Jenani is passionate about seeing people embrace the Word of God and the realities of the new creation life.  She is gifted with the grace to help people see and step into God’s Word for their lives.
Worship Leader
Rachel is gifted with grace and anointed minister with a grace to lead people in an atmosphere of worship.  She is a student of the Word and enjoys sharing the realities of the new creation life through music and spoken word.