New Creation Church exists to share the love, life and power of Christ. We believe that God loves the world so much that He gave Himself for us. We want to share this love with the world.

New Creation Church was founded in the Fall of 2008 when a group of believers from a campus ministry at Ryerson University came up to the Don Mills area and began reaching out to the neighbourhoods, seeking to introduce them to the same Gospel that have radically impacted their lives. The result is a church that is growing with families, students and people from a diverse background.

Our Mission

Our mission is to Love God and Love People.
New Creation Church seeks to live out the teachings of Jesus Christ with the help and power of the Holy Spirit. Together, we seek to discover and express all that God has freely given to us in Christ and to share these New Testament truths with everyone in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.
“Christianity is the discovery and expression of God’s life.”
– Pastor Moses


Our Vision

We want to live out the life of Christ daily.
We want to love God, each other and the people around us. We want to be a true New Testament community.
We want to be a centre for the propagation of New Testament truths, bringing the Gospel to our city and the world around us.
Long term: we would love to develop missions and missionaries, teaching and outreach ministries and ministers, church plants and church planters, community outreaches and leaders who will rise up to influence their world for Christ.

--- Our Pastors


“Faith is the supernatural force of God in your born-again spirit that causes you to see things from God’s perspective.”

Moses is the Lead Pastor of New Creation Church, a church committed to the propagation of New Testament truths and empowering people to discover, receive and express God’s life through Christ Jesus. For over two decades, he has taught God’s word with simplicity, grace and power.
Lead Pastors, Moses and Jennifer




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Having Christ Satisfies Me

Having Christ Satisfies me
The longing of my heart is satisfied
For I know the Saviour I have found
Now my identity is revealed blameless in the Son of God
My nature is changed.  I have a new name
Having Christ satisfies me
My thirst is forever quenched 
For in my Saviour life-giving waters I find
And though I have traveled weary lands
I have found true rest in knowing You
Having Christ quiets me
The turmoil in my mind has ceased
For the rest in Christ words cannot describe 
Now out of the tempest storms I have come
To find this peace that quiets my soul
Having Christ fills me
With joy, life, love and fullness
For my search for fulfillment has ceased
And look into His face a reflection I see
Of who I am and of whom I am created to be




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Sunday Worship Service

Every Sunday, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Meeting Location – St. Timothy Catholic School, 25 Rochelle Crescent Toronto, ON
99.5 FM WDCX
Radio Program
Tune in every Sunday for the New Creation Realities program on 99.5FM!
 Sundays at 6:30 pm

Grace For Increase

Join us for this week long teaching about what it means that God wants us to increase!
 June 2020, stay tuned for more details



Live with Pastor Moses

Join us for Sunday and mid-week services live on YouTube and Facebook.
Every Sunday, 10:30 am
Every Wednesday, 7:00 pm
Every Friday, 7:00 pm



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May 10, 2020

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looking for a
Bible believing
Come to our Sunday services at
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