Having Christ Satisfies Me

Having Christ Satisfies me
The longing of my heart is satisfied
For I know the Saviour I have found
Now my identity is revealed blameless in the Son of God
My nature is changed.  I have a new name
Having Christ satisfies me
My thirst is forever quenched 
For in my Saviour life-giving waters I find
And though I have traveled weary lands
I have found true rest in knowing You
Having Christ quiets me
The turmoil in my mind has ceased
For the rest in Christ words cannot describe 
Now out of the tempest storms I have come
To find this peace that quiets my soul
Having Christ fills me
With joy, life, love and fullness
For my search for fulfillment has ceased
And look into His face a reflection I see
Of who I am and of whom I am created to be