New Creation Church has some exciting events lined up for you. 

October 19 - 7PM

Alpha  Week 7

Alpha is a 11 week series of classes, that builds community and creates a space where people from any background can encounter Jesus.  We encourage you to bring your friends with you to these online classes, and let's talk about life, faith and Jesus together!  

October 20- 7:00PM

Mid-week Bible Study

Join us on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm on zoom as we dig deep into the Word of God. 

October 21 - 7PM

Total Money Makeover Week 7

 Join us as we dig deep into God's way of managing finances.  Topics include getting out of debt, investments, the effects of money on relationships, and much, much more!  Everyone welcome - Register today!

October 23- 12:00PM

Young Adults Hike

Come hang out with the young adults at Credit provincial park, Caledonia for great time of fun, word and fellowship!

October 24- 10:30AM

Sunday Service

Join us on Sunday morning at 10:30am for a great time in the word, worship and fellowship. Register today to attend in-person!